Paid Teaching Internships Thailand
Get Paid To Live and Teach in Amazing Thailand
Start your dream of paid teaching abroad without suffering loneliness.
Teach English in Thailand and make amazing friends with another 23 millennials who are in the same boat. Get TEFL qualified (teaching English as a foreign language) on or near a paradise island in Thailand.

But that's not all - receive a proper paid teaching job in Thailand after the training - all arranged for you by us, with enough salary to cover living costs, have a great time and save some money.

Make a difference to the lives of Thai people by educating them in the English language, leaving a legacy and impact that can be had no other way.

Soak up the Thai culture, explore paradise islands, ride elephants, watch a Muay Thai boxing match, get a Thai massage, eat delicious local world-reknowned food, have experiences you will remember for a lifetime and make lifelong friends of the same age and interests as you. It certainly beats getting an office job in your home country!

  •  3 Weeks TEFL qualification in a beach location in Thailand
  • FREE holiday resort accommodation for the 3 weeks training
  •  4 or 5 months Teaching English in a Thai School
  • Generous monthly teaching salary after training
  • Fun welcome day orientation at a hotel in Bangkok
  • Once qualified, teach anywhere in the world and get paid for it
  • Explore a country and culture which is world-famous
Want to know how much everything costs in Thailand in relation to your teacher's salary? Get my short guide.
-Katie, current teacher in Thailand
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I loved my Kindergarten classes!

- Mike Maitland, Founder of TEFL Heaven

"I was once where you are now - wanting an incredible experience but afraid of taking that step into the unknown, and I struggled." 

"TEFL Heaven takes away the struggle by giving you friends, support and great training right from the start."
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